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PrivaceraCloud 4.1

Last updated: 2021-10-30


PrivaceraCloud Release

New And Improved Features#

Feature Preview: Governed Data Sharing with PrivaceraCloud#

Contact Privacera Support to request enabling this feature.

PrivaceraCloud governed data sharing enforces a separation of data, access control, and compliance.

The fundamental purposes of governed data sharing are to:

  • Subdivide your data into fine-grained data domains of various cloud datasources.
  • Create shared datasets based on those data domains.
  • Control access by users, groups, and roles to shared datasets and projects.

Governed data sharing is fully compatible with PrivaceraCloud features such as resource policies, access policies, and permissions. These features can still be used without governed data sharing.

Like PrivaceraCloud without governed data sharing, your account administrator sets up the basic PrivaceraCloud building blocks: connected data sources and users. After those building blocks are available, governed data sharing simplifies and streamlines working with PrivaceraCloud, automatically creating policies and permissions as you define data domains, shared datasets, and projects.

Access Control#

Open Source Trino#

Open Source Trino version is now supported. See Open Source Trino.

Databricks Certification#

Access control has been certified for the following versions of Databricks:

  • Databricks 8.3
  • Databricks 8.4
  • Databricks 9.0
  • Databricks 9.1 LTS

Administrative Auditing#

The audit server now includes audits of the administrative user.


Improved performance:

  • Improved vault caching mechanism.
  • Improved account-specific Solr collections.

Known Issues#

See Known Issues, PrivaceraCloud Release 4.1.

Last update: February 22, 2022