Service Config

The Service Config dialog provides the means to add or disable a service in your PrivaceraCloud tenant. 
Adding a service activates access to a data source.

The Hive service is automatically enabled when your account is first established. Other services can be added as additional data sources are defined. 

The dialog opens to a table of existing enabled services. Both Active and Inactive services are listed.  Initially only the Hive service will be activated.

To add a service, in the Add Service dialog, select it, and click Save.  At most one service of any type can be activate, and only services that have been added can be activated.

The following Services are supported: 

  • adls, athena, and s3 require prior Data Access Server configuration and setup.  See Connect Data Sources: Data Access Server for more information.

  • databricks-sql is for Databricks SQL.

  • files is enabled for any Plugin service (Hive, Sparks Presto, and Databricks) and does not require any prior setup.  (The files service is used to handle data access policies for supported file systems:  S3, ADLS, and DBFS.  The policy target file system is specified in the policy Resource Path.)

  • hive represents Hive, Sparks Presto, and Databricks connections.  Detailed instructions for setup and configuration are found in Connect Data Sources: Plugin.

  • mssql, postgres, snowflake, redshift, databricks-sql, and synapse require prior Policy Sync configuration and setup. This can be done using the Add Service wizard or in Settings: Datasource 

  • starburst-enterprise-presto requires additional setup. See Starburst Enterprise Platform (SEP) Setup for setup and configuration.

When a Service is created and active, a correspondingly named service group containing a similarly named service is created in Access Manager:Resource Policies. The corresponding service group is given the same name but expressed in all upper case.  The corresponding service is prefixed with "privacera_".  For example,  enabling "mssql" results in a service group named "MSSQL" and a service named "privacera_mssql".  (The one exception is the hive service for which the service group is named "SQL").)* 

Service Deactivation

Services can be deactivated.   Use the X in the service row, to deactivate a service. When deactivating a service,  you are given an opportunity to export a JSON file backup of the Service Policies.  You can later Import this backup in the  Access Manager::Resource Policies dialog. 

Last update: August 16, 2021