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Functional Groups#

The left side navigation provides links to functional groups.




  • Dashboard: Graphical summary of account¬†objects.

  • Access Manager: Data access and data user management including tag policies, users/groups/roles and permissions, services/systems, and¬†security zones.

  • Usage: Graphical and numerical overview of resources used by your PrivaceraCloud account.

  • Encryption and Masking: Scheme management in support of Privacera Encryption services. (Available when Privacera Encryption Gateway (PEG) is configured.

  • Launch Pad: Creation and managment of tokens and scripts AWS CLI and Azure CLI integration. (Active when an AWS or Azure Data Server connected data resource is configured.)

  • Settings: Connector configuration (data, encryption/PEG, directory services); Portal user management; API resources; Account management.

  • Help


For a general overview of Discovery features and functions, see the Privacera Discovery User Guide.

For additional information on functions as grouped by navigation links:

Account and User: Information and Control#

Top Bar (left to right)

  • Account number or, if configured for this account, account alias.

  • Your portal username, and the time zone in use for this session. Click the username for a menu of additional account information and controls.

User Name Account Options and Controls#

Click the username to see additional information and options:

  • User Username is displayed.

  • Account Alias Account alias is displayed if one as been configured for this account.

  • Need Help? Obtain Privacera Support help. This section of the menu will adjust depending on your the status of your interaction with Privacara Support. Controls for working with Privacera Support are integrated into this menu. You can also see "Show Token List" and/or Switch Account.

  • Profile: Opens a Profile edit dialog allowing the current user to view the user Role, and view or revise their First and Last name, or to update their password.

  • Account Info: Opens to an Account Info dialog with information about the account and the logged in user. You can set the Account Alias, if this is not already configured. (It can not be changed, once set). First, Last, and contact phone number for the logged in user can also be configured, or updated.

  • About: Opens popup with this PrivaceraCloud Release information.

  • Logout: Log out of PrivaceraCloud portal.

Last update: October 1, 2021