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Getting Started With Minio

Install MinIO.

  1. SSH to the EC2 instance.

  2. Create the download directory.

    sudo su
    mkdir -p /tmp/downloads
    cd /tmp/downloads
  3. Download the MinIO install script.

    wget -O
  4. Run the script.

    chmod a+x
  5. Check the MinIO docker service.

    docker ps | grep minio
  6. Stop running as the sudo user.


Configure AWS CLI to connect MinIO#

  1. Run the following commands in the node where 'aws cli' is installed.

    aws configure
    AWS Access Key ID: ${MINIO_ACCESS_KEY}
    AWS Secret Access Key: ${MINIO_SECRET_KEY}
    #this can be configured as per the region your want to use
    Default region name: us-east-1
    Default output format: json
  2. List the MinIO buckets.

    aws s3 ls s3:///

Configure Data Access Server to Connect MinIO#

  1. Edit the Data Access Server properties file.

    vi ~/privacera/docker/dataserver/conf/
    1. Set the property ‘’ to ‘AWS’.

    2. Set the property ‘’ with the aws s3 service.

    3. Set the MinIO access and secret keys.

      dataserver2s3.apiKey=${MINIO_ACCESS_KEY} dataserver2s3.secretKey=${MINIO_SECRET_KEY}

    4. Set the MinIO server host and port properties.

      dataserver.v2.s3.endpoint.enable=true${MINIO_SERVER_IP} dataserver.v2.s3.endpoint.port=${MINIO_SERVER_PORT} dataserver.v2.s3.endpoint.ssl= {set to true, if ssl enabled in minio server}

  2. Save the properties file and restart the Data Access Server.

    cd ~/privacera/docker
    ./privacera_services restart dataserver

Configure Privacera AWS CLI to connect MinIO via Data Access Server#

  1. Get the Privacera access, secret keys from Privacera Platform portal.

  2. Download the '' file.

  3. Configure privacera token.

    ./ --config-token

  4. Enable proxy mode.

    . ~/ --enable-proxy

  5. Check the status.

    . ~/ --status

  6. List MinIO buckets.

    aws s3 ls s3:///

  7. Test endpoint mode, to enable endpoint mode.

    . ~/ --enable-endpoint

  8. List MinIO buckets.

    aws s3 ls s3:/// --endpoint-url ${DATSERVER_HOST}:${DATASERVER_PORT}

  9. Configure Privacera Portal to connect to MinIO via Data Access Server.