Offline Reports

Reports that result in a large number of rows and that would require much time to export are moved to Offline Reports.

Offline Reports shows the status of every report export operation.

Reports with more than million rows are exported in zip form.

To download reports:

  1. On the Privacera home page, on the left, expand the Reports menu and click on Offline Reports.

  2. When the Job Status is Success, you can download the report.

  3. On the Offline Reports page, click the Download Report icon under the Action column.

The following information is shown on the Offline Reports page:

  • Job Id: Job ID of the offline report.

  • Job Status: Job status,such as success or failed.

  • Report Name: Name of the report.

  • Created By: Name of user who created the reported.

  • Create Time: Report creation date and time.

  • End Time: Report creation end date and time.

  • File Path: Location of file.

  • File Size: File size of the report.

  • Action: Download the offline report.