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This topic covers how you can set up an AuditServer to receive audits from Privacera Plugins and send audits to Solr and Fluentd. If you choose to keep the audits beyond a 90-day period, you can use AuditServer for that purpose. 


By default, the Ranger plugin sends the audits to Solr, where the audits expire after a 90-day period. If you want to configure the audit log expiry period, see MAX_AUDIT_RETENTION_DAYS property in the Solr properties.


  1. SSH to an instance as ${USER}.

  2. Run the following commands.

    cd ~/privacera/privacera-manager
    cp config/sample-vars/vars.auditserver.yml config/custom-vars/
    vi config/custom-vars/vars.auditserver.yml
  3. Edit the following properties. For property details and description, click here.

  4. Run the following commands.

    cd ~/privacera/privacera-manager
    ./ update

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Last update: July 23, 2021