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Change Password for Privacera Services#

Installed Services#

The steps to change the login password for Portal and Ranger Admin were tested in an environment where the following services were installed using PM CLI:

  • Privacera Core Components
  • Dataserver
  • Discovery on Databricks


The following steps shows how you can change the login password for Portal and Ranger Admin:

  1. To edit the Portal password:

    In the Portal UI, go to Settings > UserManagement and then click Edit.

  2. To edit the Ranger password:

    In the Ranger Admin UI, go to Admin > Profile and click on Change Password tab.

  3. In the terminal where Privacera is installed, do the following:

    a. Run the command to create a vars.password.yml file.

    vi ~/privacera/privacera-manager/config/custom-vars/vars.password.yml

    b. Add the following properties in the file. Since the passwords for Portal and Ranger Admin have been changed above, set the new password in PORTAL_PADMIN_PASSWORD for Portal, and RANGER_ADMIN_PASSWORD for Ranger Admin.

    PORTAL_PADMIN_PASSWORD: "<new portal password>"
    DATASERVER_PORTAL_LOGIN_USER_PASS: "<new portal password>"
    DISCOVERY_PORTAL_SERVICE_PASSWORD: "<new portal password>"
    RANGER_ADMIN_PASSWORD: "<new ranger password>"
    RANGER_USERSYNC_PASSWORD: "<new ranger password>"
    USERSYNC_RANGERUSERSYNC_PASSWORD: "<new ranger password>"

    c. Run the update.

    cd ~/privacera/privacera-manager/
    ./ update

You can log in to Portal and Ranger Admin using the new passwords.