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This section covers how you can integrate Dremio with Privacera. You can use Dremio for table-level access control with native Ranger plugin.

By integrating Dremio with Privacera, you'll be provided with comprehensive data lake security and fine-grained access control across multi-cloud environments. Dremio works directly with data lake storage. Using Dremio's query engine and ability to democratize data access, Privacera implements fine-grained access control policies, then automatically enforces and audits them at enterprise scale.


Ensure the following prerequisite is met:

  • A Privacera Manager host where Privacera services are running.

  • A Dremio host where Dremio is installed.

  • For a Datasource configured in Dremio Data Lake, select Enable external authorization plugin under Settings > Advanced Options.


  1. Run the following commands.

    cd ~/privacera/privacera-manager
    cp config/sample-vars/vars.dremio.yml config/custom-vars/
    vi config/custom-vars/vars.dremio.yml
  2. Add the destination of the Dremio configuration directory.

    DREMIO_CONF_LOCATION: "/opt/dremio/conf"
  3. Run the following commands.

    cd ~/privacera/privacera-manager
    ./ update

    After the update is completed, the Dremio configuration file,, is generated at the location, ~/privacera/privacera-manager/output/dremio.

  4. Now, SSH to your Dremio host machine.

  5. Set the environment variables. Get the Privacera base download URL and add it in the variable, <PRIVACERA_BASE_DOWNLOAD_URL>.

    sudo su - 
    export DREMIO_HOME=/opt/dremio
  6. Copy the Dremio configuration files from the Privacera Manager host machine to the /tmp folder of the Dremio host machine. And then run the following commands.

    cd $DREMIO_HOME/conf
    unzip /tmp/
    chown dremio ranger*
    chown dremio global*
    chown dremio dremio*
  7. Download the Privacera Dremio package.

    mkdir -p /opt/privacera/downloads
    cd /opt/privacera/downloads
    wget $PRIVACERA_BASE_DOWNLOAD_URL/privacera-dremio.tar.gz -O privacera-dremio.tar.gz
    mkdir -p $DREMIO_HOME/plugins/authorizer
    cd $DREMIO_HOME/plugins/authorizer
    tar xfz /opt/privacera/downloads/privacera-dremio.tar.gz
    mkdir -p $DREMIO_HOME/jars/ext
    mv ranger-plugin-classloader* $DREMIO_HOME/jars/ext
  8. Restart Dremio to apply the changes.

    service dremio restart

Last update: July 23, 2021