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Upload Custom SSL Certificates#

  1. Copy your certificates to the instance where Privacera Manager is installed.

    Get the file path of your certificate and enter it in the following code:

    cd ~/privacera/privacera-manager
    mkdir -p config/ssl/custom_certificates
    cp ${file_path_of_your_certificate} config/ssl/custom_certificates/
  2. (Optional) Do this step, if your SSL certificate is of the type, jks/p12.

    You will create a file where you will add the passwords for the SSL certificate. The passwords will be used while importing certificates to global-truststore.jks

    1. Create a password file as {storeType}_{storeFileName}.pwd, where {storeType} is type of certificate, and {storeFileName} is filename of the certificate you want to upload.

      For example, if jks is your SSL truststore type and and trustore filename is certificate1.jks, create a file name as jks_certificate1.pwd.

    2. Open the file and add the password.

    3. Place the password file in config/ssl/custom_certificates.

      cp jks_certificate1.pwd config/ssl/custom_certificates/