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Privacera Release 4.3

Release 4.3

Build/Image rel_4.3.0.1



  • Discovery - rel_4.3.0.1

  • Access Manager - rel_4.3.0.1

  • Privacera Encryption Gateway (PEG) - rel_4.3.0.1



  • Removed tag dependency while creating an encryption scheme. Now, allows one tag with multiple encryption schemes.
  • Restricted the algorithm selection for specific formats in the Encryption scheme UI. This has been implemented to avoid selection of invalid or erroneous selection of algorithm while creating Encryption scheme.
  • Portal HA - Used Zookeeper to elect the MASTER node (This is applicable for Kubernetes installation only).
  • [Preview] Added support for Access Request Manager (ARM) for request approvals workflow.


  • De-Identification Workflow policy allows multi-mapping tag to schema.
  • Added support of Real-time scaning for MapR FS.
  • Added support of moving tags using Tagsync (tag unidirectional flow) from MapR FS to Ranger.
  • Added support of cross scanning for project GCS and GBQ using Discovery.
  • Added support for Discovery on Azure Kubernetes service.

Access Manager

  • Added support for syncing Active Directory user group containing service principals with Privacera.
  • Added support for the new EMR version 6.1 and 6.2. For more information see - EMRFS Documentation
  • Added support of PrestoSQL Ranger plugin in EMR 6.1 & 6.2. For more information see - EMRFS Documentation
  • Added support of ADLS Gen2 storage in audit fluentd.
  • Added support of AWS Signed URL for Databricks 7.x GA.
  • Added View-level masking and Row-filter for Databricks Spark plugin.

Privacera Manager

  • Added support to configure ADLS GEN2 as a destination through AuditServer.
  • Added support for Solr SSL along with support to transition from non-SSL to SSL and vise-versa.
  • Added support for View-level Masking and Row-level Filter for Databricks’ Spark Plugin.
  • Added support to perform an airgap install in a Kubernetes and Docker environment.
  • Added support to remove suffixes from a schema/table/view name for PolicySync Connectors.
  • Added support for adding groups created with service principals for resource policies on the Privacera Portal.
  • Added support for Ranger KMS Azure Key Vault in a Docker environment.
  • Added a validation framework for Privacera Manager to perform the following:
    • pre-check variable configuration validation
    • post-check external services availability/connectivity validations
    • service-sanity-check validations
    • security-check validation


  • In the Privacera Portal, you can now create encryption scheme policies to limit access to API requests by user, group, and role.
  • Added support for:
    • Presentation Schemes to control decrypted data when it is presented to end users.
    • Ranger plugin for PEG.
    • Bulk encryption with error handling for incorrect data. For bulk operations, the protect and unprotect requests no longer fail the entire batch if an error is encountered. Instead, if an error is encountered, the request returns the response as "Partial Success".
    • New ASCII format for encryption schemes allows the full range of the 7-bit US ASCII character set, excluding control characters.
  • Added support for encryption schemes:
    • "Last 4 Digits only" for scheme CC.
    • "Last 4 Digits" for scheme SSN.
  • The parameter callingUser is no longer required on the protect and unprotect requests, and if specified, it is ignored.