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Known Issues

The following are known issues in the Privacera Platform 4.4 release.


  • PRIV-5378: Realtime scans with de-identification policy do not work on Azure.
  • PRIV-5345: Workflow Expunge policy is not working as expected on Azure.
  • PRIV-5635: RTP policy for Databricks SparkSQL is not working as expected on Azure.
  • PRIV-5551: Workflow: Tags are not propagated to Data Explorer.
  • PRIV-5388: Datazone policies are not working in realtime scan for MapR clusters.
  • PRIV-5307: ETL policies for encryption for nested files is not working.
  • PRIV-5392: Lineage is not supported on MapR instance.

Access Manager

  • PRIV-5552: Large number of network error messages when changing policy.
  • PRIV-5555: Policy Sync - Service Explorer is not reflecting policy changes.
  • PRIV-3259: Performance issue for column masking policy with large number of columns.
  • PRIV-3996: Usernames with hypen (-) not supported for Redshift policies.
  • PRIV-5649: Azure AD Usersync - Empty subgroups are not listed under Groups tab in Access Management.

Platform Portal

  • PRIV-5678: MapR audits are not listed in Privacera Platform Portal.
  • PRIV-5320: User with read-only permission can export alerts and audits.
  • PRIV-5595: Names of encryption or presentation schemes longer than 255 characters cause error.
  • PRIV-5607: PEG: Error message during creation of UDF.