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Privacera Release 4.5

Release 4.5 (16-Apr-2021) Updated May-2021

Build/Image: rel_4.5.1.1 (20-Apr-2021)


  • Discovery: rel_4.5.1.1

  • Access Manager: rel_4.5.1.1

  • Privacera Encryption Gateway (PEG): rel_4.5.4.1



  • Encryption Date format - only "Scope All" is supported.
  • Default Presentation Scheme available after Privacera encryption installation.
  • Add dictionary dialog - "Test data" expression can be entered with or without the parentheses.
  • Create/Edit Data Source dialog - Increased "Application Code" field character limit to 50.
  • Added support for:
    • Display storage class information of AWS-S3 objects and calculate folder/file size on-demand in File Explorer.
    • Display master node information in the Portal HA mode.


  • Added support for:
    • Configuring the API request time call limit for Pkafka.
    • Scanning Oracle database via JDBC.
    • Multiple tags in Hive scans.
    • Pub/Sub topic setup for Privacera Datasource to get Privacera scan result to Google Cloud Platform (GCP).
    • Sync cloud logs to pub/sub aggregated sinks to avoid breaching GCP API read request limit.
  • Added flag to skip Parquet and ORC file formats inside the archive files.

Access Manager

  • Added support in EMR record server with two-way SSL for Apache Ranger plugin and audits to solr destination.
  • PolicySync - Use public group in MapR ACEs instead of adding all users for increased scalability.
  • [Preview] - Added Trino for PostgreSQL connector through Privacera Manager.
  • Certified access control for 5.32 EMR.
  • Certified Spark-Thrift integration with Apache Ranger for Mapr.

Privacera Manager

  • Now, IdP logout is enabled by default through Privacera Manager (PM).
  • Added support for:
    • Configuring JWT through Privacera Manager (PM).
    • Generating CloudFormation templates for EMR Setup and custom configurations to install Privacera components in EMR.
    • Generating the setup script and Spark custom configuration to install Privacera plugin in standalone Spark.
    • Configuring StreamSets with JCEKS enabled.
    • Attaching Databricks Spark configuration for cluster policy through Privacera Manager (PM).
    • Configuring AuditServer/Fluentd with Azure ADLS-GEN2 through Managed Service Identity.
    • Configuring the external port for AuditServer.
    • Configuring Ranger KMS & Dataserver Min/Max heap memory values.
    • Installing Privacera with non-default user (1000 userId).

Data Access Server

  • Added support for File Explorer for cross-account AWS S3 buckets with AssumeRole.
  • Added support for downloading large files through AWS CLI with access control enabled.


  • Added support for:
    • GCP Databricks plugin.
    • Privacera plugin in Spark 3.0.0 standalone environment.
    • Signed URL (Scala) access control through DBConnect.