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Privacera Release 4.6

Release 4.6 (04-Jun-2021)

Build/Image: rel_4.6.0.1

Versions of Privacera Platform Modules

  • Discovery: rel_4.6.0.1

  • Access Manager: rel_4.6.0.1

  • Privacera Encryption Gateway (PEG): rel_4.6.0.1

New and Improved Features


  • Added an indicator to differentiate an incremental scan from a full scan.
  • On the scan status and classification pages, added a new Export Report option for each scan ID.
  • Improvements to Privacera File Explorer:
    • Sorting in the file browser based on size, name, and modified time.
    • Links to copy folder/files that can be accessible in separate browser tabs.
    • Ability to view the total number of files.
  • Enhancements to Datazone Dashboard:

    • Ability to filter all datazones by tag or tag attribute.
    • Displays all tags instead of only the top four tags.
    • Date filter to download all datazone metadata.
  • Ability to view error codes and error messages for Ranger audits.

  • Significant improvement in Dictionary feature.



A future release will remove Discovery patterns from the left nav, because they are not used frequently. Instead, customers should now embed patterns in dictionaries. If you have any patterns in use, you should add them to a dictionary now. See Patterns and Dictionaries.

  • Support for:

    • Lineage in GCS and GBQ using Google Sink approach.
    • Cross-project and same project data movement tracking and lineage for GCS data sources.

Access Manager

  • By default, the Privacera PrestoSQL plug-in now uses policies from the “privacera_hive” repository instead of the "privacera_presto" for Access Management.

  • Support for Ranger Data Governance Initiative (DGI): prohibition policy in Hive service definition.

  • Ability to view configured log file count and size in Privacera UserSync.

  • Improved filter for SCIM server in Privacera UserSync:

    • Attribute mappings from configuration to filter users.
    • Multiple parameters to filter users, such as user name, first name, last name, email address, active status, and external ID.
    • Group filters to display the names of groups.
  • Custom attributes for groups in Privacera UserSync.

  • Audit logs for PolicySync have been updated to match a new design from Snowflake.
  • Fixed Apache Ranger and PolicySync security issues.

Privacera Manager

  • Privacera Manger UI is now GA.
  • Support for specific pod-level IAM roles for Privacera Data Server in EKS Clusters. See property DATASERVER_USE_POD_IAM_ROLE in S3 properties.
  • Integrated EMR record server (EMR Native Apache Ranger) with two-way TLS using Privacera Manager CLI. See EMR with Native Apache Ranger.
  • Support for TagSync through Atlas to Ranger using Privacera Manager CLI. See Ranger TagSync.
  • Support for client-provided SSL certificates for Ranger plug-ins using Privacera Manager CLI. See property RANGER_PLUGIN_KEYSTORE_FILENAME in Ranger KMS.
  • Support for restricting access to Zookeeper pods only from a particular range of source IP addresses. See property ZOOKEEPER_K8S_NETWORKING_LOADBALANCER_SOURCE_RANGES in Restrict Access in Kubernetes.
  • Support for exporting audit data via Fluentd to encrypted S3 buckets. See property AUDIT_FLUENTD_S3_BUCKET_ENCRYPTION_TYPE in Audit Fluentd.
  • Support for changing external ports for Privacera services. See Changing Port Number of a Privacera Service.
  • Support for configuring the Kubernetes RBAC for Privacera components using Privacera Manager CLI for EKS and AKS clusters. See Kubernetes RBAC.
  • Added pre-checks for permissions for creating namespaces, storage classes, and permanent virtual circuits in EKS and AKS Clusters.
  • Configurable property for Discovery Spark scheduler consumer pool size.
  • Support for Privacera UserSync.

Data Access Server



Support for EMR Versions 5.31.0, 5.32.0, 6.1.0 will end in the next release of Privacera. Customers should upgrade to a Privacera-supported version of EMR.

  • Support for Privacera plug-ins with EMR for Version 5.33. See AWS EMR.



Support for Databricks version 6.4 will end in the next release of Privacera. Customers should upgrade to a Privacera-supported version of Databricks.

  • Support for integration of Privacera with Databricks legacy shards.