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Privacera Release 4.7

Release 4.7 (24-Jun-2021)

Build/Image: rel_4.7.0.1

Versions of Privacera Platform Modules

  • Discovery: rel_4.7.0.1

  • Access Manager: rel_4.7.0.1

  • Privacera Encryption Gateway (PEG): rel_4.7.0.1

End-of-Life Announcements

PrestoSQL Support to be Discontinued

Support for PrestoSQL will be discontinued in future releases of Privacera Platform. Use the Privacera plugin for Trino instead.

For more information, see:

Discovery Patterns Are Deprecated. Embed Patterns in Dictionaries Instead.

In a future release Discovery patterns will be removed from the left nav of Privacera Portal, because they are not used frequently. Instead, customers should now embed patterns in dictionaries. If you have any patterns in use, you should move them to dictionaries now.

New and Improved Features

Access Control

  • Policies can now be based on LDAP/AD user attributes.


  • Databricks version 8.0 through 8.2 on AWS and Azure are now certified.


  • Ability to import AWS S3 object tags into Privacera.


  • Support for:

    • View-level access management via the DATA_ADMIN privilege.
    • View-level column masking.
    • View-level row filtering.

For more information, see Spark Fine-grained Access Control (FGAC).



  • Manual tagging of resources in the Portal has been considerably simplified.

Privacera Manager

  • With Privacera Manager, Privacera services can be integrated with resources in separate Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs). See Integrate Privacera Services with Separate VPC.

  • With Privacera Manager CLI, setting up Dremio with Privacera is now supported. See Dremio.

  • Upgraded Apache Solr version to 8.8.2.

  • Upgraded Apache Zookeeper version to 3.7.0.