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Privacera Release 6.1

Privacera Platform Release 6.1

Last updated: 2021-11-08

Versions of Privacera Platform Modules#

Build/Image: rel_6.1.0.1

  • Discovery: rel_6.1.0.1
  • Access Manager: rel_6.1.0.1
  • Privacera Encryption Gateway (PEG): rel_6.1.0.1

New and Improved Features#


Configuring a CA-signed SSL Certificate#

For Privacera Platform plug-in installations, you can now add CA-signed SSL certificates.

For more informnation, see Configure CA-Signed Certificate for Privacera Plugin.

Access Management#

Conditional Column Masking Based on Other Columns#

Conditional masking of columns based on the value of another column is now supported on the following systems:

  • Hive with EMR
  • Hive with Databricks
  • Presto SQL with EMR
  • Trino

For more information, see Configuring Policy with Conditional Masking.

Databricks Certification#

Access control has been certified for the following versions of Databricks:

  • Databricks 8.3
  • Databricks 8.4
  • Databricks 9.0
  • Databricks 9.1 LTS

Administrative Auditing#

The audit server now provides audits of the administrative user.


New File Types: Microsoft Excel#

Discovery can now scan files with the .xls, .xlsx, and .xlsb extensions.

S3 File Paths#

In addition to configuring an entire S3 bucket, you can now also configure file paths.

Real-time Scanning Improvement: Reason for the Scan#

A new field has been added to real-time scanning results: the reason the scan was triggered.

Compliance Workflows Not Supported on GCP#

The following Compliance Workflow policies are not supported on GCP:

  • Workflow Policy
  • De-Identification Policy
  • Right to Privacy Policy
  • Expunge Policy
  • Workflow Expunge Policy

New Discovery Custom Properties#

For details on the following new custom properties, see Discovery Custom Properties.



Deployment Specification for Encryption#

For minimum system requirements and advice on encryption requests, see the Encryption Deployment Specification.

FPE Algorithm with Numeric Formats: Data Should be String#

For a scheme with Numeric format type and FPE algorithm, the numeric data on the calls to /protect and /unprotect must be a string.

For more information, see About Numeric Formats and the FPE Algorithm.

Documentation Highlight#

Some significant updates in addition to those called out in these release notes:

Supported Versions of Third-party Systems#

Expand the "Platform 6.x" table in Supported Versions of Third-party Systems.

Known Issues#

See Known Issues, Privacera Platform Release 6.1.

End-of-Life Announcements#

PrestoSQL Support to be Discontinued#

Support for PrestoSQL will be discontinued in future releases of Privacera Platform. Use the Privacera plug-in for Trino instead.

For more information, see:

Discovery Patterns Are Deprecated. Embed Patterns in Dictionaries Instead.#

In a future release Discovery patterns will be removed from the left nav of Privacera Portal, because they are not used frequently. Instead, customers should now embed patterns in dictionaries. If you have any patterns in use, you should move them to dictionaries now.