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Data Zone Dashboard


Data zones are used to group and mark different areas within your data lake to serve specific, well-defined purposes. You can apply different policies and workflows on those resources in data zones for tailored controls.

View all Data Zones or specific Data Zone

To view a brief summary of data zones:

  1. In the Privacera home page, click Compliance Workflow and then click Data Zone Dashboard from left menu.

    Image 283449
  2. To view specific data zone information, click Info.

    Image 283450

The Data Zone - Information page is displayed.

Image 283451

Click image71.jpg to refresh the list of data zones.

Search filters

The following are search filters for data zones:

  • Search by Resource: view the result by the resource name.

  • Search by Application: view the result by the application name.

  • Search by Tags: view the result by the tags.

Fields displayed for Data Zones

The following are fields in the data zone information grid:

  • Resource: This indicates the list of resources.

  • Tag: This indicates the list of tags.

    • Show All Tag: View all the tags. By default, this is disabled.

    • +Add / Edit: This allows you to add or edit the existing tags.