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Privacera Platform

Start offline and realtime scansdic


There are two ways to scan resources in Privacera Discovery:

Start offline scanning

You can manually scan resources (offline scanning) from the Data Source page.

To start offline scanning, follow these steps:

  1. From the navigation menu, select Discovery > Data Source.

  2. Select a resource from the Applications list.


    Ensure that the application is enabled.

  3. Under Include Resource tab, check the Rescan checkbox of the resource to be scanned.

    The Info and Success dialog is displayed.

Start realtime scanning

By default, Privacera Discovery scans resources that you add to an application (realtime scanning). When a new file is added to the Include Resource tab of the Data Source page, realtime scanning occurs.

To scan the resource in realtime, the application should be enabled and resource should be added to the Include Resource tab in the application. For example, to copy a file from the cluster to HDFS, use the following command:

hdfs dfs -put -f <local-src> … <HDFS_dest_path>

For AWS S3, you can fetch S3 tags. For more information, see Configure S3 for Real-Time ScanningConfigure S3 for real-time scanning

View classification results

You can view scan results on the Classification page. For more information, see Classification.